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Distribution Division

A&P Distribution Division currently holds the distribution rights of Cambridge University Press titles: (Textbooks, Trade, Academic, Professionals) in Hong Kong and Macau.

Academic & Professional Education Resources Ltd, another division under A&P, has proudly presented its latest distribution titles: books published by the National Geographic Society. National Geographic is one of the world's largest non-profit scientific and educational organizations. Its books range from References, Biography, Science Readers to Children Books. National Geographic Books are must-have in libraries and families.

Due to our solid experience in collaborating with international and local publishers/ wholesalers/ suppliers, we specialize in library supply, book exhibition arrangement and individual account ordering.

Our extensive distribution channels will be the solution for those who want to expose thier products in Hong Kong and Mainland China market effectively.

Please feel free to contact our Distribution Coordinator

Distributor of :

(Textbooks, Trade, Academic, Professionals)
All titles could be purchased from Major bookshops in Hong Kong. Any difficulties on purchase CUP titles, please contact us.

Distributor of :

Also available National Geographic Books for Children, All titles could be purchased from Major bookshops in Hong Kong. Please contact our representatives for book list


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A Comprehensive Treatment Guide

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