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About Us

Besides actual bookstores, was found in 2016, it is our on-line bookstore for general public. It has the largest collection of English and Chinese book titles in Hong Kong with over 27 million titles for selection. Another on-line platform was found in 2017, it is a tailor made online bookstore designed for special needs like individual authors, customers who like to build up their own book shop, or special promotion by publishers. Users can define their function, design and pricing depends on their needs.

Our company founded in 1987. Over the past years, besides retailing, distributing and publishing, we are also a library supplier. We supply books to various institutes (academic, educational & commercial) and libraries (primary, secondary & tertiary colleges). We operate various on-campus and off-campus bookstores, details as below.

Our on-campus bookstores
City University of Hong Kong (1994-2003)
Hong Kong Baptist University (2001- now)
Hong Kong Institute of Education (2002 – now)
Hong Kong Polytechnic University (1994-1999, 2002-2008)
Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (2000-2004)
Institute of Vocational Education (IVE) of Vocational Training Council (VTC)
Chai Wan Campus (1993 – now)
Haking Wong Campus (1998 – now)
Kwai Chung Campus (2000 – now)
Kwun Tong Campus (1999 – 2006)
Lee Wai Lee Campus (2000 – now)
Morrison Hill Campus (1998 – 2006)
Shatin Campus (1999 – now)
Tsing Yi Campus (1993 –now)
Tuen Mun Campus (1998 – now)
University of Macau (2006 – now)

The Chinese University of Hong Kong 2nd Bookshop(2008 – now)

Our off-campus bookshops
Austin Road Branch (specialize on ELT titles)
Central Library Branch (specialize on Professional & Academic titles)
Chu Hai Branch (Showroom/ Office)

Official book supplier/ contractor
Hong Kong Governments - Official Books Contractor (various departmental libraries that include Police, ICAC, Social Welfare department, Royal Observatory, Fire department …etc)
Hong Kong Education Manpower Bureau - Official Books Contractor (include Government Primary and Secondary schools)
Libraries of Vocational Training Council (VTC) - Official Books Contractor
SPACE, University of Hong Kong - Books supplier of Associate Degrees students
The Chinese University of Hong Kong - Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Community College – Official Textbooks supplier to students
The Open University of Hong Kong - Official Textbooks supplier to students

Other non-contract clients that include various Libraries, Hospitals, Nursing schools, University libraries (both in Macau, Hong Kong and Mainland China) ...etc

Book Store Management Information System

In order to provide and maintain our good quality service, we are the first book shop in Hong Kong who installs two sets of CD-ROM book data which give us most up dated books information. That is the reason why we could handle enquires and book ordering efficiently.

We emphasis good service, therefore, we have invited two lecturers from Hong Kong Polytechnic in 1994, to design a tailor-made Book Store Management Information System to further improve our service. This system has been installed and operated since autumn 1994. We are the first campus bookshop who use computer to monitor the operation. During past years practical operation with regular modification and up-grading, this mature program (BSMIS) has been proved to be very useful and helpful on our operation management in existing campus bookshops.

On July 1997, we worked out our Performance Pledge as our guide line to achieve the committed standards and targets. Last year, 98.2% of our targets were achieved.

Our philosophy is to serve the academic & professional education.



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