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HK Polytechnic University Souvenirs

The following items are now available at :
Communications and Public Affairs Office (CPA) (Room M1604, Li Ka Shing Tower, PolyU).

Polu U 65th anniversary Album
Original: HK$ 300
Special Offer: HK$ 205
Crystal paper weight
HK$ 120
Crystal Card Stand
HK$ 250
New Parker Ball Pen
HK$ 220
New Ball Pen
HK$ 65
Letter Opener
HK$ 40
Leather Keyholder
HK$ 70
Leather Namecard Holder
HK$ 65
Original: HK$ 80
Special Offer: HK$ 62
Lapel Pin
HK$ 10
Tie clip
Original: HK$ 60
Special Offer: HK$ 55
Poly U Tie
HK$ 100
PolyU Watch
Original: HK$ 250
Special Offer: HK$ 150
USB Flash Drive (512 mb)
HK$ 130
PolyU Blank CDR (650 mb)
HK$ 8 (each)
PolyU T-shirt (red)
HK$ 60
PolyU T-shirt (black)
HK$ 60
V-neck Vest
HK$ 198
PolyU Paper Bag (red)
HK$ 4
PoluU Wrapping Paper
(510mm X 760mm)
HK$ 4
PolyU Umbrella (4-fold)
HK$ 60
PolyU Umbrella
HK$ 80


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